Pop Up Booth Information

Our AFFORDABLE pop-up booths feature a lifetime warranty!

We can provide you with the booth you need; from a convenient pop-up display to individually designed and constructed custom booths. Personal service from experienced professionals. We do it all....... so you can relax and consider it done.

The User Friendly Display System

Wright Display Pop Up Display Systems are designed around the needs of the active exhibitor. The systems combine maximum visual impact and quick easy set-ups with light weight portability


All Wright Display displays, even large complex custom systems, fit into one or more easily transportable light-weight wheeled supercases.


The compact supercases load conveniently into a cars trunk and travel as passenger luggage with most airlines. At the Show destination, the displays can be simply wheeled into the venue right through the front door, thus saving a frustrating waste of time and costly service charges. Even fairly complex custom systems can be easily erected by a single person very quickly, allowing booth staff to set up their own display, get to their hotel quickly and be fresh for the show the next morning.


After the show the same is true, in no time the display can be dismantled and on its way home, or off to the next show.

Table Top Displays

Form smaller events, displays designed to stand on a table top (Table Tops) often offer the best solution. Table tops can feature full size graphics, back lit or conventional fabric.

Custom Displays Through Modular Design

Take advantage of Wright Displays modular design to create your own unique custom display; or use it to develop a display that grows as you do, from an initially simply system to a full blown display booth. Flexible Modular Design enable displays to be designed that can be erected in a variety of configurations, that refect the space available and maximize your message

Backlit Marquis Header

A clean and Efficient way to highlight your company name and lift your display above those around you.

Backlit Endcaps

Enhance any system with eye catching backlift end caps. Three flourescent lights behind each endcap, give a dynamic glow to the entire display.

To Complete the Picture

To complete the professional look of your display, Wright Display provides a full range of accessories designed to compliment your system and satisfy your exhibition needs.



-Travel Cases

-Stat Wall

-Brochure Holders

-Podium Table Kits

To keep the show on the road and to insure your continued exhibiting success; all Wright Display frames and supercases are guaranteed for as long as you own your system.

Jem-Lite Portable Lightbox

With backlit graphic image, featureing a ten foot curved system

Full Size Graphic Display Panels

For maximum impact there is nothing like full size tiled graphic panels.